Exhibit Moving and Relocation Services

Moving trade show exhibits with Ace World Wide of New York

Time-tested, uncompromising trade show and exhibit transportation

If trade shows and exhibits are crucial to your business, so is your choice of a transportation provider. Ace World Wide of NY brings you a time-tested proven resource, as a partner to successful exhibitors across all industries.

Tap our knowledge, experience

Exceptional service begins with your Atlas Exhibit Agent, a professional who understands fully the many challenges of trade show transportation. Not only will you avoid common pitfalls, you will benefit from insight gleaned through an extensive trade show network and years of experience.

With Atlas, no detail is too small. We take care of it all.

With Atlas behind the wheel, you're ahead of the game

Atlas operators know the ins and outs of virtually every hotel, convention center and exhibit venue across the U.S. and Canada. With an average of twelve years experience, pinpoint computer dispatch and advanced equipment, our van operators are known for nailing target dates and getting goods in and out with amazing efficiency.

Trade Show Transportation with Ace World Wide of New York© Georgia World Congress Center
With Atlas, you can concentrate on the objective of your show, and leave the details to us. We're professionals who understand fully the many challenges of trade show transportation. Atlas can take care of it all.

We can show you more at destination

Don't fret if your staff is stretched a little thin. Atlas trade show supervisors are available upon request to coordinate delivery on site and make sure the details are handled the way you want.

Service is our stock and trade

At Atlas, we build our reputation for excellence with every customer. We welcome the opportunity to prove to you why Atlas is the company that shows uncompromising exhibit service.


Our network of Atlas Specialized Transportation Express Centers allows us to give you ultra-responsive service on electronics shipments of 3,000 pounds or less. Within 24 hours of notice, our ASTEC™ agent will pick up your goods for transport.

Tech Rep Delivery

When you must schedule critical installation services at destination, specify "Tech Rep" delivery. This assures that your goods are delivered timely when technicians or other costly service providers are involved.